Adoption. It is an amazing institution that has been around since ancient times. It was codified into ancient Babylonian law and later Roman law. The institution has been updated a bit since then, however! There are now many kinds of adoptions, and many ways of making a family and ensuring the protection of a child.

It can be overwhelming to think about it, but we can help you figure out the right path to creating the legal ties that bind families together. We handle adoptions supervised by adoption agencies, as well as adoptions where the birth parent placed directly with the adoptive parents. These latter cases are called direct placement adoptions.

There are also ways of adopting children in foster care, where the child is placed into care because of abuse and neglect. Maybe you are looking to adopt your step-child or the child of your same sex married partner. If the child is American Indian, special laws apply that must be respected (ICWA). And then some adoptions are contested so you need to know your rights. Lastly, maybe you are looking to adopt across state lines.

There are many different types of adoption, and we can help you navigate the path you are following.

Every adoption is different and we can help you with your unique type of adoption.


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