Parenting Consultant & Custody Evaluations

Parenting Consultant & Custody Evaluations

Custody matters can sometimes involve high conflict situations that are not as easy to settle or navigate through the courts. Minnesota provides parties the option to navigate their parenting and custodial conflicts by using alternative dispute resolution options like parenting consulting and custody evaluations.

Parenting consulting is the opportunity to use a neutral third party to decide conflicts when agreement is no longer possible without returning to court or utilizing the time-consuming option of mediation. Parties can agree to use a parenting consultant (PC) and draft a written agreement specific to the issues they want the PC to decide. It can be as narrow or broad in scope as the parties agree upon. Rachel Osband and Delmar Flynn are experienced and available to serve as your parenting consultant. Delmar can provide this service in Spanish.

Another alternative dispute resolution option is the use of a custody evaluation. This is a neutral process where the evaluator takes the time to meet with the parties and the children, speak with collaterals, and obtain relevant documentation for a full scope analysis of what is in the best interests of the children for issues of parenting time, parenting plans, and custody. Results can be provided through oral reports, written reports or testimony in court.

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