Rachel Osband and Delmar Flynn provide family law mediation services at Fiddler Osband Flynn. If you are interested in family law mediation, you are likely experiencing a difficult period in your life. Perhaps you are getting divorced or trying to change the terms of your parenting time or child support arrangement. Regardless, mediation is a process that is meant to help you navigate these difficulties in a cooperative, positive manner.

Rachel is a trained, experienced family law mediator. She has experience in a range of family law matters and understands the unique needs of each individual case. She has specialized familiarity in the areas of domestic abuse, special needs, chemical and alcohol dependency, mental health concerns, and nontraditional families.

As a mediator, Rachel’s goal is to de-escalate the conflict. Mediation is meant to assist the parties in reaching a settlement that feels successful to all rather than the win or lose approach of litigation. Rachel’s extensive work as a family law attorney allows her to provide context and evaluative feedback to you so you can more effectively weigh your options during mediation and assess settlement options, hopefully resulting in better and more meaningful settlement agreements.

When children are involved, Rachel takes a child-focused approach to the mediation. This approach centers the discussion around the wellbeing of the child or children rather than on the conflict between parents.

Delmar is trained in the practice of Transformative Family Mediation—combining restorative circle and traditional mediation practices. This model is client-based, relational and holistic. This provides for creative solutions that can transform all participants—providing a safe space of sharing and problem solving. This approach, combined with Delmar’s experience in family law matters and child protection, provides a unique opportunity for a quicker and more amicable process than provided for through the court system.

Delmar is also happy to provide this service to Spanish speakers. Mediation is an option that everyone should enjoy.

Delmar esta entrenada en la práctica de Mediación Familiar Transformativa—la combinación de las practicas del círculo restaurador y la mediación tradicional. Este modelo esta basado en el cliente, es relacional, y holístico. Esto permite soluciones creativas que pueden transformar todos los participantes—proporcionando un espacio seguro para compartir y resolver problemas. Este enfoque, combinado con la experiencia de Delmar con los asuntos de derechos de familia y la protección de los niños, provee una oportunidad única para un proceso más rápido y mas amistoso que en el sistema judicial.

Es un placer para Delmar a proporcionar este servicio a los hispanohablantes. La mediación es una opción que todos deberían disfrutar.

We welcome all families, regardless of configuration, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


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